Nighstalker Side Fx Labyrinth of Thoughts records

LOT 021

It’s been 20 years since Nighstalker‘s Side Fx was released. Labyrinth of thoughts reissues the mini LP,  remastered, accompanied by a four-page booklet. A limited vinyl edition of 200 copies on blue vinyl plus 300 copies on black vinyl.

Under licence from ” Iptamenoi Diskoi”, Thodoris Manikas’ label which was responsible for this release, back in 1994.

Produced by Thodoris Manikas + Alex K. from The Last Drive.

Tracklist: Spit / What Your Name Is / Funny Paper / Keep Knocking / Mad Prophet

Line up
Argy : Vocals, Drums
Andreas : Bass
Hill: Guitars
Harry: Guitars

Check also from Nightstaker: Dead rock commandos LP, Just a burn LP , The ritual MLP


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