Εν Πλω Οι Νύχτες Labyrinth of Thoughts records

LOT 026

Long lost recording from legendary Athens independent band En Plo (On Sail) released for the first time after 25 years. A 5-track mini-album, “Oi Nyhtes” (the Nights) comprises of recordings that followed the band’s classic debut album and remained shelved, except for a 10-copies run of test pressings! En Plo were a short-lived outfit that produced the most challenging mix of post punk/noise rock with oriental and balcan motives and politically charged lyricism, within a heavy psychedelic guitar template, like you ‘ve never heard before. Their cult status during the next 2 decades reached unrepeatable heights, with copies of their sole album selling for hundreds of euros among collectors – their music though could never be matched, as “Oi Nyxtes” spectacularly demonstrate.

280 copies on black vinyl and 120 on blue.

Tracklist : Χoris kanona (remix) / Νyhtes / Xtes vrady (remix) / Pagomeno (remix) / Filoi (remix)

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