LOΤ 074

En Plo was one of the most influential bands of the domestic scene. In a strange, hard-to-reach soundscape with references to rock, rebetiko, traditional and Byzantine music, the world of the band was completely defined by itself, without ever taking even a sideways glance at anything that could concern something outside of it and her needs. They released their one and only self-titled record in 1989. Unsurpassed, unwavering, waiting in vain for someone, something, anything to surpass it 35 years now.

Labyrinth of Thoughts is releasing the album on January 10th in a special edition of 300 copies on Coke Bottle Green Vinyl. Containing an adaptation of the cover of the first edition, a new liner note insert and 3 unreleased songs:
– Kerdises chrono (Demo 1989) / The song that would have opened En Plo’s second album if it had finally been recorded.
– No rule (Rehearsal 1986) / In a completely different performance than the one recorded for the album 3 years later and with different members, except Sadikis / Zamanos of course.
– The sleepwalker (Demo 1985) / A song that appears in Sadikis’ later personal discography, but here we hear it in its first and unrecognizable 8-minute version.

2023 vinyl mastering – sound restoration: Nikos Stylidis (https://labyrinthofthoughts.gr/en/mastering-eng/)
Artwork adaptation: Hyper Tria