ENANTIA (AGAINST) members were the 3/4 of the historic ANTIDRASI punk band. Their debut album is limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

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ENANTIA (AGAINST) consists of members with a very long history in Greek punk, as Yiannis S. (vocals), Kostas Mp. (guitar), Kostas A. (bass) and Kostas Mavr. (drums) have played live countless times throughout Greece as REACTION (ANTIDRASI)  from 1986 to 1999. They have recorded reference albums for greek hardcore punk such as “Blood in the streets” (7” single / 1989), “State of Danger” (LP / 1990), “Against” (LP / 1991).
ENANTIA was introduced to us at the beginning of 2005 with their first demo “For a moment / Two faced people”.  Along the way, Stavros D. (drums – founding member of REACTION) and George Geo Beo were added.

After many years of waiting, the band’s first album ” GIATI POLY AFISAME TA PONTIKIA NA XOREVOUN…” is finally ready.
It will be released on 500 numbered vinyl copies by LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS records on February 10th and aspires to become a landmark record for Greek hardcore punk.

With material written from as far back as 1986 such as ‘Holy little people’ which was then played in all their rehearsals, until 2022 and ‘How it has become?’ which refers to another Dirty War that passes like a movie before our eyes! The band continues from where it left us, since as they tell us in “1985” (a song that connects past and present) “…years that are so far away, seem so similar, so close…”





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