The new album of Dinos Sadikis band is out on January 10th, 2023.

Limited edition of 200 numbered copies.

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The personal musical path of Dinos Sadikis may not differ much from that of En Plo. From the ghost band with the one and only record, to the recording presence every 10 years or so and to the concerts which are often something like secret gigs only for the insiders. Willingly or not, the protective enclosure within which everything is defined within the walls is and always will be. After all, the permanent, since 2001, companions of Panos Papazoglou (guitars), Christos Pappas (bass) and Lazaros Pliampas (drums) take care of this.

Labyrinth of Thoughts releases on January 10th, the fourth album of Dinos Sadikis, “Piso apo ti skia” in 200 numbered vinyl copies.

Rock – electronic forms, a dystopian present/future soundtrack. Awkward, inaccessible, deeply moving in the end. What was and what will be forever is the universe of Dinos Sadikis.
​Produced by Christos Harbilas, Panos Papazoglou, Dino​s Sadikis, and Tito​s Kariotakis.
Artwork: Hyper Tria

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