Τhe Karamazov Project is a creation of the songwriter Panos Pantazopoulos. The name of the band is inspired by “The Brothers Karamazov” of Dostoyevsky, and “A glimpse into Chaos” by Hermann Hesse.

He was born in 1978 in Kalamata were he grew up. At the age of 15 he joins his first band and appears on stage for the first time as a singer. The next year he forms along with friends  the band “Without an Armor”, that belongs to Greek Rock  and writes for the fisrt time lyrics for songs. At the age of 19 he moves to Athens to study as a conservator of work of arts.

In 2005 he records his first ”7 with the songs “There Was A Time” (set to music poem of Dylan Thomas) and “Wasted Love” that was never released, while from 2006 he begins to appear as a solo artist and as The Karamazov Project. At the same time he participates in many cover bands as a singer for purely livelihood purposes.

In 2013 he gives up everything, buys his “Gretch” guitar and having henceforth 20 ready songs in his baggages, he moves in Thessaloniki where he resides for nearly two tears. During this time he completes his first important work, the singles “We Agree That Love Disagrees” and “The Wolf Within” that released officially in 2015 in an online form. The same year he returns to Kalamata where in a short time begins to record “Out of the Woodwork”, which is released in 200 copies of vinyl in December 2017, by  “Labyrinth of Thoughts”.

He has shared the same stage with local artists (Roundlights, Alien Mustangs, Big Nose Attack) and with important foreign ones (Steve Wynn – Dream Syndicate, Dan Stuart – Green on Red, Sivert Hoyem – Madrugada). All these appearances as a solo/electric artist (vocals/guitar), while in 2018 he will tour with full band to promote “Out of the woodwork”.

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