Unequivocally the best Greek punk band. They could have excelled, but  for their own reasons they never made the necessary step.With only 20 songs in a career which extended for more than 20 years.

Time and song  for those Thessalonians who started very early, but only in the mid eighties show a more stable form revolved around Apostolis Dadatsis – singer – guitarist and composer. Playing the classic punk rock with influences of the street from Stiff Little Fingers up DOA, creating a large mass of fans that follow them faithfully making each concert a unique cultural event in the city. Explosive on stage, dynamic and uncompromising in their music, they bring another air punk rock, just managing to catch the pulse of young people speaking in their own language, outspoken, direct and tense.

Their unique album finally after many postponements comes on Lazy Dog in 1994. After an adventurous tour in Europe essentially dissolve content with only occasional reunions.

Labyrinth of Thoughts reissues their LP in the summer of 2012, remastered with 2 extra tracks.