Mastering services

The process of mastering is one of the most important steps in audio engineering. It’s the final stage before an album goes to the pressing plant for the final production.

New clients can get a 1-2 minutes sample free of charge, without any obligation.

Full sound restoration and noise reduction services are available for your musical or non musical files.

Mastering engineer: Nick Stylidis @ Labyrinth of Thoughts, Athens, Greece.

Rates for vinyl / cd / mp3 master:

Number of songs Per song
1 – 3 songs €40
4 – 6 songs €35
7 + songs €30


telephone    +30-2102796697

mobile  +30-6946693112



Here are a few samples of our work.

ΝAFTIA – Synthetiki empiria (Evropaiki anagenisi / kinky horror show LP + 7” single ) (Mastering + audio restoration 2019)


THE LAST DRIVE – Shot with crystal balls in my hands (F*head entropy LP) (Mastering 2019)


THE MUSHROOMS –Child of the tide (Taste of LP) (Mastering + audio restoration 2019)


LEFKI SYMFONIA – Apo mia megali fotia (Xromata LP) (Mastering 2019)


BABEL TRIO – Xenos (The island of Cretal CD) (Mastering 2018)


SANS CORPS – For nothing (Nnull 2LP) ( Mastering 2018)


In order to complete the package, we also desing your vinyl or cd layout for you. For only €60, you can get your cover, labels and inserts of your release. Always according to the specifications of the pressing plant of your choice.