• LEFKI SYMPHONIA - San ton ilio (Black vinyl)

Limited edition: 300 vinyl copies on black vinyl with 4 page booklet. Including 4 page booklet with lyrics in English and Greek.

Lefki Symphonia  returns  with the new album "San ton ilio /Like the Sun".

The album contains 10 compositions:

Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death


Me Mia Kravgi/With A  Scream


Mavro Fos/Black Light


Dream Within A Dream


Svise Ta Ihni/Erase The Signs


San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun


Hronia Siopila/Silent Years






Eki  Pu O Anemos Rotai Gia Esena/There Where The Wind Is Asking For You


Lyrics: Theodoros Dimitriou

Dream Within A Dream:Poetry of Edgar Alan Poe

San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun: Theodoros Dimitriou/Poetry of Romos Filiras (I Did Not Rise Up High)


Music: Theodoros Dimitriou/Diogenis Chatzistefanidis

Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death and Minima/Message music by Theodoros Dimitriou


Arranged by Lefki Symphonia

The new tracks perfectly serve the band's dark wave - post punk style in a very contemporary way. The band also incorporates melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes with psychedelic and progressive colors. The two singles released (Mexri ton Thanato/ Until death &

LEFKI SYMPHONIA - San ton ilio (Black vinyl)

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