• SANS CORPS - Desert 2CD

The Desolator hums and blasphemes, lost in the streets of this city, wounded by the loss, or was it just some forgotten love affair? In front of him the cabs are packed outside of the hospital, where Galina finishes her afternoon shift. She embarks on the bus and, as she does every day, she meets Mohammad, they greet each other and then their roads split at Amerikis Square. -"Have a good rest Galina"- The route is the same as everyday but always with the joy of returning. But tonight the beasts are on the hunt... One, two, three knife stabs and the crimson, warm blood touches the cement. Fortunately, Ludmila Pavlichenko is sharpshooting fascists from above.

8 stories is search of a soundtrack. Sans Corps, through their distinctive ritual of total musical improvisation, without any prior preparation, create a stranglehold around lyrics and automatic conversations.

New album on double CD. Limited editon, 200 copies.


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