THE DARK RAGS – Suburbia LP / CD (LOT 058)

Suburbia cover

THE DARK RAGS needs no special recommendations. They deliver pure garage rock since 2010. It’s time to unleash their third full length album titled “Suburbia”.

10 tracks with influences from punk ‘till country and 80’s rock ’n’ roll.

In a limited edition of 200 LP & 100 CD copies.

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A joint effort between Labyrinth of Thoughts records and band’s own label  Backstab records.

Release date:  17/12/2019

NAFTIA LP + 7” Single + Book (LOT 048 – 049 – 050)


First official re-issue for NAFTIA! This great anarcho-punk band from Thessaloniki – Greece. They were active from 1988 until 1994.


2 albums (Evropaiki Anagenisi – The Naftia kinky horror show) in one LP + 7” single with 3 unreleased tracks + 24 page book with the original artwork + lyrics + extended text from the band.

Mastering – audio & artwork restoration – layout: Nick Stylidis @ Labyrinth of Thoughts

500 copies. The title will not be available at the record stores.

Special price: 16€ + postage.

Out on September 25th 2019.

THE LAST DRIVE – F*head entropy LP (LOT 057)


Reissue of “F*head entropy” album of the mighty The Last Drive.

400 copies on pink vinyl with new mastering. Including “May this bullet” as bonus track.


Release date: 10th of May 2019.

THE MUSHROOMS – Taste of LP (LOT 052) / Scarecrow princes LP (LOT 053) / Sinner EP (LOT 054)


The Mushrooms were created in the mid 80’s and they become a legend of the greek underground, releasing  2 albums. “Taste of” (1986) and “Scarecrow princes” (1989) are true gems of of psychedelic punk – garage sound.

A few months before they come into a state of a never ending hiatus in the beginning of the 90’s, they recorded a demo with 4 tracks (Sinner – As tears go by – Eyes wide open – In true mental). At “Agrotikon” studios with Argy (Ektos Eleghou – Blackmail) on bass. Previously unreleased until now, under the title “Sinner”.

Labyrinth Of Thoughts records, release the whole discography of the band in the following editions:

Die Hard edition: 100 handmade bags, including colored editions of the 3 vinyls (“Taste of” in pink, “Scarecrow princes” in yellow and “Sinner” in gold) + insert with Pluto ‘s photo and liner notes from Christos Daskalopoulos. All the above, printed exclusively for this limited edition. SOLD OUT!

Τaste of LP: 300 copies (black vinyl). Order:

Scarecrow princes LP: 300 copies (black vinyl). Order:

Sinner EP: 300 copies (black vinyl). Order:

Μastering – audio restoration: Νίκος Στυλίδης @ Labyrinth Of Thoughts.

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SEAHORSE – Heaven is underground CD (LOT 051)

Seahorse - Heaven is underground Cover

Seahorse are a band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2017. The members have got a long story in the Greek rock scene, having served in some of the most successful bands to ever come out of Greece.

In this era of pigeonholing, they like to say that they play rock music, without further words.

The constant factor is high energy and an ease to navigate from massive riffs to ambient soundscapes. Their calling card is their sound:  thick, rhythmic and huge, based entirely on the players’ output without the use of studio trickery.

In March 2018,they recorded their first album “Heaven is underground’’ in Royal Alzheimer Hall, a studio which has given the Greek rock scene true gems. This album is no exception, guaranteed to move mind and body.

Limited edition of 200 CD copies.


Alex Apostolakis: Drums, samples, back vocals

Nomik: Vocals

Asklipios Zampetas: Guitars

Bill Vassillo: Bass