In 1985 three friends from Veria form the  “Laziness of the Fertile Valley.” Are Stelios Papaioannou – Salvador (vocals and bass), George Papaioannou (drums) and “Banny” Dimitris Vassiliadis (guitar). A year later, Banny is replaced by Paul Pavlidis, who left the band in 1989 and 1994 made a band called “The Wooden Swords”.
In early 1986 the band moves to Thessaloniki. With the new name “Foreign Legion” playing the same summer in several cities mainly in northern Greece.

After an idea by George Papaioannou permanently changed their name to “Babies on Fire” from the song of Brian Eno, “My baby is on fire”. With this name they record in October 1987  the homonymous debut album which includes 8 songs with lyrics and music of Stelios Papaioannou – Salvador (“Down in the city,” “Dog Day”, “Brothers in Hell,” ” Heroin “,” Painkiller “,” Manifesto “,” Promises “,” The Game “) and a cover of Brian Eno, the” Third Uncle “with lyrics by Stelios Papaioannou – Salvador. Since spring 1988, are playing in their concerts new songs like “Adrenaline”, “Saloniki (alone again)”, “Babylon”, “Female”, “Elephant Man”, “Cuckoo’s Nest” “Actresses” etc. (lyrics / music: Stelios Papaioannou – Salvador).

In the spring of 1989 remains both key members Stelios Papaioannou – Salvador and George Papaioannou surrounded by new musicians.

For various reasons the cooperation of the group with a record company at that time is “impossible”. Meanwhile four of the unreleased songs (” Adrenaline “,” Female “(Horseman of  Terror),” Saloniki “(Key Question – Xessaloniki) appear on her debut album of another band: The Wooden Swords (Ano -Kato Records) mainly on the music part of the song without the permission of S. Papaioannou – Salvador and without the inclusion of his name in the composition.

Already in 1991 the response of the first record attempt of the group “Babies on fire” is evident, and culminates in the concert will take place July 95 at the Open Theatre Sykies Municipality, which is flooded with people.

However it will take another four years until his second album ‘“Theater people” to become reality with the label Lazy Dog (October 1999). The new line up is: Stelios Papaioannou – Salvador (voice + bass + composition + lyrics), T. Zaharopoulos (drums), T. Natsikas (guitar), Achilles Tsitouras (keyboards). In this album includes three separate poems set to music in “The Chameleon” (Odysseas Elytis) “Theater people” (George Seferis) and “March funeral and vertical” (Kostas Karyotakis).

In June 2004, S. Papaioannou – Salvador creates the label “Baby records”. In February 2005 released the third album, titled “To the Road”,  and he is recording the song “Adrenaline” after 17 years. He has finally solved the problem of intellectual property rights for this and other 3 songs. With rich orchestrations (violin, bass, percussion, accordion, scratches) but with a strong melodic sound, songs like “Grey background”, “On the Road,” “Reflections,” “Journey,” “Paper Flowers” etc. create a magical world.

In 2008, released by Baby Records a live recording (Cd + Dvd) celebrating the 20 years of existence of the band.

In February 2011 always by the same company is being released the highly anticipated fourth studio album of the band titled “Cougar Baby Smoking Rabit “.

In March 2012 “Theater people” is being released on vinyl by Labyrinth of thoughts records.

Current line-up:

Stelios “Salvador” Papaioannou: Bass, vocals
John Savidis: Guitar
Christos Kosmas: Guitar
Fotis Tsakyridis: Drums
Vassilis Nalbantis: Trumpet, keyboards


Babies in the fire LP / CD (Ano Kato records – 1987)

Theater people CD (Lazy dog ​​records – 1999 / Baby records – 2009)

On the way CD (Baby records – 2005)

Stelios “Salvador” Papaioannou – 20 years Babies in fire – Live CD + DVD (Baby records – 2008)

Cougar Baby – Smoking Rabbit CD (Baby records – 2011)

Theater people LP (Labyrinth of thoughts records – 2012)

Contact :, the official site of the band, which is also the source of the above text.