UNSILENCE-Under a torn sky LP (LOT 001) (Sold out!)

Slow, heavy epic doom metal with magnificent clean vocals. Unsilence is from the UK and this is their debut full-length album after many demos and MCD´s. “Under a torn sky” is old-school, arcane and epic doom metal not far from the style of Solstice and Doomsword and also appealing for traditional doom fans.
TRACK LIST: The Last Day (7.03) The Burning Midnight (4.49) Transfiguration (6.15) Barricade (6.17) Echoes Awaken (5.01) Of What May Become (8.44) The Hour Of Arrival (6.30) Winds Of Enlightenment (9.17)

TOTAL RUNNING TIME : 54 min. 02 sec.

Special Vinyl Mastering /  Limited Edition – 500 Copies   /  150 gram virgin vinyl

Back cover – insert are different from the cd version

A joint effort with PsycheDOOMelic records from Austria

Unsilence is the best UK Doom Metal band you’ve never heard. With roots spanning 15 years, the dark gems that comprise the bands’ infrequent releases capture the literal and historical essence of Britain’s gloomy and rain- soaked shores. If your looking for the creative passion of early 90’s UK doom metal but want the hard-hitting tones of today, look no further than the epics created by Unsilence. Chris Barnes / Hellridemusic.com

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