ECHO TATTOO – Mind your step LP (+ extra track) (LOT 020) (Sold out!)


Although Echo Tattoo have been around since the beginning of the 1990s the band have only released three albums. “Echo Tattoo” ( 1992 ) , “Room of toys” (1997) and “Mind your step” (2008), a rather small discography for a band which was co-founded by the best singer of Greek Independent Scene and beyond, Evi Hassapides Watson.
Here’s what Dinos Dimatates writes about her in his book “Get that beat”, an important book/reference about the Greek rock scene:
“She has the ability to elevate even a mediocre composition to an exemplary song.”
And we can only but agree with this.

Panos Kourtsounis, co-founder of the band and one incredible guitarist, has been with her since 1989. They met when he briefly joined No Man’s Land, the first band Evi was in, and a couple of years later when she left No Man’s Land they started Echo Tattoo.

Echo Tattoo seem boundless as they move with great ease from Psychedelic to Progressive, from Rock to Folk, sometimes even daring to go to bed with Pop.
“Mind your step” was the result of more than two years in the studio, and while the music was recorded in the late 00’s the musical journey of the album starts in the ’90s as many of the compositions therein were picked out of the band’s song pool from that era.

“Mind your Step” is released for the first time on vinyl through Labyrinth of Thoughts Records, in a special limited edition of 200 copies.

- Each Album Cover is a unique copy of her original painting “In the Deep” hand painted by Evi Hassapides Watson herself on special paper she hand-picked for this purpose.

- The vinyl edition includes an additional track titled “She move” which was recorded on a four-channel tape recorder around 1993 at Evi’s home and only features Panos’ guitar and Evi’s voice. The song was chosen among several others, because there is no band there, although the fact that it appears on an Echo Tattoo album can be considered an oxymoron.
In the two minutes it lasts however the listener dives into the raw honesty that both emit and the brilliant mastery that makes them both so charismatic.

- A four-paged colour inlay lays out the lyrics while the records were cut on 150gr vinyl.

- Re-mastered especially for vinyl by Nikos Stylidis, the album contains alternative mixes from those released on the cd version in 2008.

Tracklist : Pensicola / No 1′s inside / Refugee / Apocalypse / Zoo / Love is free / Who stole the light ? / Stormy weather / Oddo / Sol / Caveman / She move*

*Bonus track