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Second press on 300 clear vinyl copies and 200 cd copies.

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The drive continues… Αlmost 9 years since their last full length album, The Last Drive comes back in a fury  with their new, self/titled album. Once more, their intention is nothing more than to ruffle the waters of the international rock ‘n’ roll scene.

They re-invent themselves in a walkabout through the realms of rock ’n’ roll and psychedelia, free from any barrier or obstacle. In an era full of uncertainty, the band is trying to provide a 45 minutes shelter with their eight new compositions. Including highlights already known from their recent live concerts, such as “Always the sun” & “White Knuckles”. The first version of “w.k.” appeared on  “Fascism Inc” documentary.

The album is dedicated to the “Drive Tribe”, the community of dedicated fans who support the band through all these years of its existence. Last, but not least,  to the dearest Fred Cole of Dead Moon, who recently passed away.

The recordings took place at “New Fab Liquid” Studio, after a pre-production period at “Urban” studio. The album was produced by the close collaborator of the band Jim Spliff and Nikos Agloupas (a.k.a Otommo) who was also the sound engineer.

Special guests: Fotis Siotas on Violin, Costas C. a.k.a Digital Alkemist & Mono Kaktos on percussion and Stavros X. on vocals.

Second press info:

Clear Vinyl – 300 copies:

CD – 200 copies:

First press info:

Die Hard Edition: Violet LP + CD + T-shirt in only 100 handmade backbags. Violet LP color, the design of the backbags (by Zanderella-Handmade bags) and the t-shirts printed at “The Lab T-shirts Athens” (design by Eva M. Grey) were made exclusively for this edition. (SOLD OUT!)

Sun Yellow LP: 300 copies. (SOLD OUT!)

Black LP: 350 copies. (SOLD OUT!)

CD: 200 copies. (SOLD OUT!)


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Track list:

Everlasting Intro

Always the Sun

The Wave

White Knuckles


Angel (Whiskey Mouth)

Radio (City of Love)


EXARSIS – New war order LP (Lot 043)

exarsis cover

The Return Of Thrash Metal! Classic Old School Thrash Metal seems to be experiencing its renaissance these days. The Greeks of Exarsis, however, are among the representatives of the genre who have kept the flag of Thrash Metal up even in times when it seemed far less popular in public perception. Since their 2010 demo, the guys are on the road with bands such as Suicide Silence, Fueled By Fire, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Onslaught and Artillery.

With their 4th album “New War Order“, Exarsis release an album, which lets every Thrash Metal Maniac click his tongue. The Greeks do not stingy with neckbreaker riffs and dizzying solos, which should lead every fan of this genre to create some space in his record collection between Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Vio-Lence and Anthrax. “New War Order” was recorded at the D Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou. For the artwork is, like on the previous albums, Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocsaust, Cannabis Corpse etc) responsible.

Labyrinth of thoughts and The Lab records are releasing “New War Order” on 2 limited and numbered vinyl editions:

220 copies on black vinyl and 300 copies on purple. Including an exclusive LP track as bonus: “All guns blazing” cover by Judas Priest!

Order Black vinyl edition:

Order Purple vinyl edition:

CD edition is out via MDD records.

European tour on February 2018 along with Nile and Terrorizer!

Greek tour:

19/1/2018 Artichoke – Korinthos

26/1/2018 Αndromeda – Trikala

27/1/2018 Silver Dollar – Thessaloniki

28/1/2018 – On Stage – Larisa

17/3/ 2018 An club – Athens

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THE KARAMAZOV PROJECT – Out of the woodwork LP (Lot 041)



The Karamazov Project is a creation of the newcoming, at least in discography, songwriter Panos Pantazopoulos. Inspired by the utopian and for that, uninterrupted effort of seeking the path of humanity towards itself, towards the rational,  as it is presented in “The Brothers Karamazov” of Dostoyevsky, and in “A glimpse into Chaos” by Hermann Hesse.

He is the one responsible for the music, lyrics, vocals and is also playing the guitar. At 2014 he records two of his songs in Thessaloniki and releases them in an online form the next year. At 2015 completes his first album, “Out of the Woodwork“. A dive in a vast landscape, somewhere in the south of the United States, full of tension, distorded and heavy rhythm ‘n’ blues. Eight compositions – short stories about life, death, love. Following the footsteps of Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Spingsteen, Johnny Cash, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower – Wovenhand).

The music band  who will accompany him in live appearances to promote the album are: Philippos Lirintzis on drums, George Dimitrakopoulos on electric guitar and George Manesiotis on bass. Something that will happen for the first time, because so far he was appearing only as a solo artist opening concerts not only for greek bands but also for  important artists such as Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), Dan Stuart (Green on Red) and Sivert Høyem (Madrugada).

Labyrinth of thoughts records in cooperation with Ikaros records, release the album in 200 copies of black vinyl.

Release date: 15 December 2017.

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Celebrating the re-issue of Blood Nirvana, we are offering the rest of the Last Drive titles and the groups that are related to the Drive in a special combo package.

Includes the bands The Last Drive, Thee Holy Strangers and Blackmail.




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Thee holy strangers +  The Last Drive LP’s: (Sold out!)

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