SEAHORSE – Heaven is underground CD (LOT 051)

Seahorse - Heaven is underground Cover

Seahorse - Heaven is underground Cover

Seahorse are a band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2017. The members have got a long story in the Greek rock scene, having served in some of the most successful bands to ever come out of Greece.

In this era of pigeonholing, they like to say that they play rock music, without further words.

The constant factor is high energy and an ease to navigate from massive riffs to ambient soundscapes. Their calling card is their sound:  thick, rhythmic and huge, based entirely on the players’ output without the use of studio trickery.

In March 2018,they recorded their first album “Heaven is underground’’ in Royal Alzheimer Hall, a studio which has given the Greek rock scene true gems. This album is no exception, guaranteed to move mind and body.

Limited edition of 200 CD copies.

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Release date:  March 22nd, 2019.

Alex Apostolakis: Drums, samples, back vocals

Nomik: Vocals

Asklipios Zampetas: Guitars

Bill Vassillo: Bass

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LEFKI SYMPHONIA – Secret gardens (LOT 046) (Sold out!) / Colors (LOT 047)


Re-isssues of two gems of the greek dark sound scene from Lefki Symphonia.

Both editions are remastered from the original analog master tapes from Nikos Stylidis of Labyrinth Of Thoughts. Artwork by Melanie Merges Dimitriou.

The first album, titled ”Secret Gardens” was released in 1986 and is a landmark of the Greek 80s post-punk, new wave scene.
A side contains an unreleased song from the album recordings titled “Melancholy” that completes the original first edition.
B side consists of a 7 songs live set from 1986 with three unreleased tracks.
Limited edition of 400 copies in violet vinyl. (Sold out!)
Colors” is the title of the fourth album of the band, originally released in 1996. This is a progressive rock record, with propably the best lyrics that band ever wrote. More complex compositions creating a melodic yet dark musical landscape, maybe their best effort until now. With 2 tracks that were not contained in the first edition of the album and two never before released tracks from the same period. 
Limited edition of 400 copies in blue vinyl. 


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VAVOURA BAND – Now they call it…ethnic LP (LOT 045)

Vavoura ethnic cover

Vavoura band is a hard rock trio founded at 1976. Members of the band are the legends of the greek underground scene, Giannis Drolapas on guitar and Johnny Vavouras on bass and vocals.

“Now they call it….ethnic” is a compilation of movie soundtracks, written between 1980-2004.

First time on vinyl. Limited edition of 300 copies. 

Photos: Thanasis Oikonomou

Mastering – Layout: Nikos Stylidis @ Labyrinth of thoughts

Out on November 2nd via Labyrinth of thoughts records & Ikaros records.


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BABEL TRIO – The island of cretal CD (LOT 044) (Sold out!)

Electric lute, bass, drums band, based on the island of Crete – Greece. Babel Trio band, is unique blend of progressive rock, stoner, psychedelia, with distorted greek traditional melodies.

The island of Cretal”, the second album of the band,  got its title from the mix of the words “Crete” and “Μetal”, a rather good choice in order to specify their kind of music.

Babel Trio are: Dimitris Sideris (electric lute), Michalis Avlonitis (bass) and George Zabakas (aka Trikalero) (drums).

Recording and Mixing by: Titos Kariotakis, Christos Charbilas at Alzheimer Royal Hall studio

Mastering by Nikos Stylidis at Labyrinth Of Thoughts

Limited edition of 300 CD copies. Sold out!

Track list: Liar world / Aivali / Ikaria / Xenos / Song for a solitary bird / Dervish dance

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The drive continues… Αlmost 9 years since their last full length album, The Last Drive comes back in a fury  with their new, self/titled album. Once more, their intention is nothing more than to ruffle the waters of the international rock ‘n’ roll scene.

They re-invent themselves in a walkabout through the realms of rock ’n’ roll and psychedelia, free from any barrier or obstacle. In an era full of uncertainty, the band is trying to provide a 45 minutes shelter with their eight new compositions. Including highlights already known from their recent live concerts, such as “Always the sun” & “White Knuckles”. The first version of “w.k.” appeared on  “Fascism Inc” documentary.

The album is dedicated to the “Drive Tribe”, the community of dedicated fans who support the band through all these years of its existence. Last, but not least,  to the dearest Fred Cole of Dead Moon, who recently passed away.

The recordings took place at “New Fab Liquid” Studio, after a pre-production period at “Urban” studio. The album was produced by the close collaborator of the band Jim Spliff and Nikos Agloupas (a.k.a Otommo) who was also the sound engineer.

Special guests: Fotis Siotas on Violin, Costas C. a.k.a Digital Alkemist & Mono Kaktos on percussion and Stavros X. on vocals.

Second press info:

Clear Vinyl – 300 copies:

CD – 200 copies:

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Die Hard Edition: Violet LP + CD + T-shirt in only 100 handmade backbags. Violet LP color, the design of the backbags (by Zanderella-Handmade bags) and the t-shirts printed at “The Lab T-shirts Athens” (design by Eva M. Grey) were made exclusively for this edition. (SOLD OUT!)

Sun Yellow LP: 300 copies. (SOLD OUT!)

Black LP: 350 copies. (SOLD OUT!)

CD: 200 copies. (SOLD OUT!)


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Track list:

Everlasting Intro

Always the Sun

The Wave

White Knuckles


Angel (Whiskey Mouth)

Radio (City of Love)