ZIGGY WAS – Unicorn pan LP (Lot 040) (Sold out!)

Ziggy Was Cover net

Ziggy Was took their name from two songs of the 70′s: David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and Bob Marley’s ‘Johnny Was’. Their music style was a explosive mixture of hardcore, punk, grunge, and metal with funk touches. The members of the band were very experienced as Kostas Karkalis was member of Gulag while Lambros Saltsidis was an ex-member of Lolama. Panos Rossis was the singer- guitarist player of the band.

Ιn 1994 they released  a  7″ single along with Fractal Press magazine. Their first full-length album “Here” and a Mini LP “Two turns to one” followed.

Finally in 1997 they released their masterpiece “Unicorn Pan” only on Cd format. With the addition of Kostas Pantelis as the lead guitarist (ex Pissa & Poupoula).  All the influences mentioned above was at their peak. Excellent compositions and a brilliant production made the album as one of the top ones of the greek alternative scene.
Sadly, after that,  they disbanded. It was 16 years later in 2013, when we meet Saltsidis and Rossis on Clerks’ Conspiracy.

Labyrinth of thoughts and Ikaros records are releasing “Unicorn Pan” on vinyl for the first time, celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

In a strictly limited edition of 200 vinyl copies in black vinyl.

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THE LAST DRIVE – Blood nirvana LP (Lot 039)

The Last Drive _Blood nirvana_cover

1990 was the year that found the greek independent scene at it’s best form. One of the top band was, of course, The Last Drive. Releasing their third album with the title “Blood Nirvana” with a faster and more aggressive sound from their previous albums.

First official re-issue from Labyrinth of thoughts records and The Lab records, including:

New mastering

180 gr vinyl

New inlay

Limited edition of 500 copies

Order: http://www.labyrinthofthoughts.gr/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=537

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Re-issue of a legendary punk album of the greek punk movement. The first and only LP of Pissa & Poupoula.

500 copies, with new mastering.

Co – release with Wipe Out records.

Order: http://www.labyrinthofthoughts.gr/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=512

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Thee holy strangers Cover

New super group for the greek alternative scene.

Alex K. (The Last Drive, The Earthbound) – voice, guitar, harmonica

Νick Fisakis (Dustbowl) – guitar

John Hardy (Dustbowl, Birds of Paradise) – Pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitar

Costas C. [a.k.a Digital Alkemist] (Night On Earth, Nightstalker, BlendSextet) – drums

Flora Ioannidi (Ludmila, Μake Believe) – voice   Jenny Kapadai – (Expert Medicine, Τhe Earthbound, MeWeathers) – voice

Τάσος Παλαιολόγου (Dream Long Dead, Down ‘n’ Out, 700 Machines) – bass

Dark americana, soul, rhythm and blues  in a unique combination.

500 copies, all on black vinyl.

Order: http://www.labyrinthofthoughts.gr/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=476



NIGHTSTALKER – Just a burn LP (Lot 037) (Sold out!)

Nightstalker - Just a burn cover

Re-release of the second album of the band Nighstalker, “Just a burn”. The last one featuring Argy on drums. This was the comeback of the group after 9 years of hiatus, broken only by the EP “The ritual”.

500 copies on 150gr vinyl. 200 on violet color, 300 on black. With new mix and mastering. Gatefold cover

Co-release with The Lab records.